Hi, I'm Ana Jackson, I create cinematic birth films and photojournalistic birth photography to deliver an intimate perspective of your baby's birth, filling in memory gaps and providing new unseen details of such a wondrous occasion!


Salt Lake City, Utah
Birth Photographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller


Go ahead, look around. Next year it'll be a decade in birth work! I have a lot for you to see! Including Birth Love Story's segment on KUTV Fresh Living that you can watch below.

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full galleries are available during the free in person consultation.

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full galleries are available during the free in person consultation.

starting at $750

There's more to your baby's story than the day he or she is born. If you have older children, it is a treasure seeing them interact with your bump. Likewise, it is beyond adorable seeing your older children interact with your newborn baby. Photo and film included on each session.



bump or baby

starting at $2,150

For the discerning family that acknowledges that birth is a big event in their lives and like a wedding, professional film and photography are indispensable... My basic birth story package includes my signature cinematic highlight video and still photography. 



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Liz Woodfield

Ana was great to work with! She goes above and beyond. She is very flexible and willing to go out of her way to get the shots that are most important to you. She is very creative and I love her editing style. She captured our birth perfectly and our photos and videos will be something we cherish forever.

Larry Reeves

We had an amazing experience working with Ana. So professional and patient, resulting in beautiful imagery/video that captured our experience perfectly.

Cammie Wheeler

Ana captured EVERYTHING I wanted and even found special moments I didn't know we had until I saw our video and pictures. She's super professional and passionate in what she does, I'm so thankful she was there!



Hi there! I was born and raised in Brazil, and moved to SLC 20 years ago for college. I am marketing exec with a passion for babies and birth. We had a professional filmmaker come film our wedding, so naturally we wanted our births professionally captured as well. Capturing the beginning of our family life became an obsession and with the time off I took after graduating from my MBA with a babe in arms, I took the chance to explore my creative side capturing birth stories for other families. My own birth experiences registered on film are some of my greatest intangible treasures! As a bonus, my sons are fascinated with their birth films and ask to watch them quite often. I would love for you and yours to have the same treasures I have. After adding my 4th and last son during 2020, I took a step back to only attend repeat clients. I am now accepting 1 client per quarter. Contact me for availability.

Meet ana Flavia

Photographer second. A photographer branching out into videography is completely different than the other way around. Proper filmmaking is quite complex, and that is why in my book, there are videographers and then there are filmmakers. Good photography isn't easy, it's not a matter of having a "good" camera, but it is simpler than filmmaking.  If having a cinematic birth film interests you, I'd be happy to expand on the topic if you wish.

filmaker first,

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This was once the spot that connected to my IG feed. In light of all the information about child trafficking that surfaced in 2020, I no longer feel comfortable sharing my clients images on social. It is up to each one of them to choose how and where they share their births. My vimeo account was constantly monitored to remove "strange" followers and now I understand who they were. My videos are all private save the few I share here, also knowing only a few local people access this site.