Cinematic Birth Films & Photojournalistic Photography

While you make birth magic happen,
we capture all its details 
for you and yours to cherish forever!


Imagine waiting approximately 40 weeks for something special. Something that will change your life for the better. Something that you sacrificed so much for and can hardly wait for, then suddenly, it arrives! The day is here, the BIRTH day came, your body is works hard to give passage to the BABY you just grew! Not just any baby, your CHILD! Emotions run high in between fatigue and/or anxiety, we don't really notice that time doesn't slow down so we can soak up the moment...

Is it worth preserving these special memories for forever? You will have a lot on your mind leading up to and on your baby’s birth day. Is finding the right birth professional too much trouble? 

Learn more about what I do by watching my segment on KUTV Fresh Living below.



starting at $450

There's more to your baby's story than the day he or she is born. You will treasure having those sweet images of your older children alongside that cute baby bump. Likewise, it is beyond adorable seeing our older children interact with their newborn baby brother or sister. You may book these services a-la-carte or as a bundle.



bumps or babies

starting at $1,350

For the family that acknowledges that the birth of their baby is a big event in their lives comparable to a wedding and a professional film and photography are indispensable. The first birth story package includes my signature cinematic highlight video. Photography and extended footage of the birth can be added on.



birth story

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Liz Woodfield

Ana was great to work with! She goes above and beyond. She is very flexible and willing to go out of her way to get the shots that are most important to you. She is very creative and I love her editing style. She captured our birth perfectly and our photos and videos will be something we cherish forever.

Larry Reeves

We had an amazing experience working with Ana. So professional and patient, resulting in beautiful imagery/video that captured our experience perfectly.

Cammie Wheeler

Ana captured EVERYTHING I wanted and even found special moments I didn't know we had until I saw our video and pictures. She's super professional and passionate in what she does, I'm so thankful she was there!



Hi there! I was born and raised in Brazil, and moved to SLC 16 years ago for college. My husband and I are dual MBAs and we run two startups in the Salt Lake Valley. With the flexibility of our self-employment I took the chance to explore my creative side after the birth of my son and thus Birth Love Story was born as well. I had professional films of my birth experiences and they are my treasures! As a bonus, my sons are fascinated by their birth films and ask to watch them quite often. I would love for you and yours to have the same treasures I have.

Meet ana

Photographer second. A photographer branching out into videography is completely different than the other way around. Proper filmmaking is quite complex, and that is why in my book, there are videographers and then there are filmmakers. Good photography isn't easy, it's not a matter of having a "good" camera, but it is simpler than filmmaking.  If having a cinematic birth film interests you, I'd be happy to expand on the topic if you wish.

filmaker first,

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